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The Stag of Irisóra by Lajos Áprily


The Stag of Irisóra by Lajos Áprily


Daybreak. Unto the trees ever more gently

Sank down a deep funnel-cloud's embrace.

In a thick, trap-like juniper-thicket

was he found by the keepers of the herd.


He was carried down to the sheepherd's chief,

athwart his shoulders, by a wild:-shepherd.

The bargain was struck in no time at all

His price: a swallow of gin, firstful of shag.


The cow accepted him as her very own

In the pasture surrounded by a fence

the pitiful thing hung upon her udders

and forgot that now he was brotherless.


He forgot the small den by the cool spring,

With its mirror a seductive mystery,

And when he got thirsty, why, he drank

from the sun-drenched, lukewarm drinking-trough.


In its small reflection how could he have seen

the  proud eruption of its royal horn?

How could he have guessed his proud descent?

He grew up a calf, as though calf-born.


He became a domesticated beast with splendid rack,

a wonder to make hunter-breasts beat loud.

He was amazed to notice how amazed hung on

him the eyes of folks around.


But in the autumn, when from bluish peaks

fog filtered down and with it the Fall,

from impenetrable, fog-wrapped heights

came to the valley a stag's roaring call.


And then his lips, twitchig, sent up a trembling steam,

His stepbrothers became strangers to him,

His fenced-in home turned into stranger- ground

-Like a pipe-organ, into the fog he roared!



Translated by Dr. Dalma Hunyadi Aranykor

6035 Ballószög V. ker 168 Hungary



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